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About Us

Connecting Families Through Finnish Language and Culture

Join us for the start of the spring semester on January 13th, 2024! We offer language classes for all ages. Our youngest members come together for delightful parent-child singing sessions, while adults have the chance to embark on a journey to learn Finnish, a new language. We learn Finnish in a joyful and loving environment, and extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join this enriching experience!

Discover a world of Finnish language, culture, and togetherness at Suomi-Koulu Los Angeles Inc. Embrace Finnish as a family, create cherished experiences, and forge lasting connections in our vibrant community. As a nonprofit corporation Suomi-Koulu Los Angeles, Inc. plays a vital role in fostering connections through the Finnish language and culture, creating bridges that unite communities. Join us in celebrating the Finnish language, building memories across generations, and welcoming a world of opportunities!

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